World Potato Congress Inc.

The WPC is held every three years and organized by the not-for-profit World Potato Congress Inc., dedicated to supporting the cultivation and development of potato around the world. This 10th WPC will mark the first time the event will be held in Latin America. Previous congresses were held in North America, Europe, South Africa, China, and New Zealand.

More than 800 scientists and potato industry representatives are expected to attend the 10th WPC and share interests, innovations and useful information for the global development and growth of the potato.

Latin American Potato Association

The Latin American Potato Association (ALAP) founded in 1977 with the objective of spreading technical advancements and scientific achievements in regional and global potato cultivation. Every two years ALAP organizes a congress in a Latin American country to bring together students, researchers, businesspeople, producers, and other actors in the potato value chain.

A magazine, ALAP, is published annually with open access for researchers to share and disseminate their results in their respective research areas.

Jean-Louis Gonterre/CIP